Humanum Colloquium

A “Humanum” Colloquium on Complementarity of Man and Woman was held at The Vatican last November  Pope Francis addressed the group at the begining and the end. Here is a list of 6 short bideos and the trailier, available on their website.  

Part 1 of 6 “The Destiny of Humanity: On the Meaning of Marriage

Part 2 of 6 “The Cradle of Life & Love: A Mother & Father for the World’s Children”

Part 3 of 6 “Understanding Man & Woman

Part 4 of 6 “A Hidden Sweetness: The Power of Marriage Amid Hardship”

Part 5 of 6 “Challenge & Hope for a new Generation”

Part 6 of 6 “Marriage, Culture, and Civil Society”

The Humanum Series Trailer

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