The Family Institute of Washington was incorporated with the mission of assisting parents in the Washington, DC metro area who are committed to the character education of their children.

We seek to address the needs of parents and teachers in forming the character and faith of children, providing resources for raising strong young adults,  thereby fostering united and happy family life. 

We hope to bring the best of what is already available on parenting and character formation from myriad sources.  We intend to do this in a user-friendly way to make it easier for parents to be able to live family life well and to have ample knowledge and support in raising their children to be virtuous Christian adults.

We sponsor marriage and family conferences, plus our website offers reading materials on marriage and family, resources for virtue education, parent discussion groups, marriage counseling and family support services.

You can access video recordings of our 2023 Parenting with Purpose Conference here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeR_tefNfYYgzOCd0ttD5UA

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